Limited-Time T-Shirt Sale Fundraiser: Support Huntsville Community Drumline!

Today, we are thrilled to share an exciting fundraising opportunity that has come our way. We have been approached by Green Pea Press, a renowned local printing company, with a proposal to host a limited-time t-shirt sale in collaboration with Huntsville Community Drumline.

Here are the key details about the t-shirt sale:

  • Partnership with Green Pea Press: We are proud to partner with Green Pea Press, known for their commitment to quality and sustainable printing practices. They have graciously offered to create unique and eye-catching t-shirts that embody the spirit and passion of Huntsville Community Drumline.
  • Sale Duration: 3 Days only! You only have until Sunday, May 20th to take advantage of this opportunity to show your support for our cause while adding a fashionable item to your wardrobe.
  • Order Placement: To place your order for the Huntsville Community Drumline t-shirt and other merchandise, please visit the dedicated campaign page at This page will display all available items and provide you with an easy and secure way to make your purchase.

Remember, every sale directly benefits Huntsville Community Drumline and helps us continue our mission.

We want to emphasize that this t-shirt sale is not only an opportunity to support Huntsville Community Drumline, but also a chance to showcase your pride and connection to our organization. By wearing these shirts, you are helping us spread awareness about our cause and inspiring others to join our mission of promoting music education and community engagement.

As always, we deeply appreciate your continued support, whether through your generous donations or by participating in initiatives such as this t-shirt sale fundraiser. Your contributions play a vital role in enabling us to provide transformative musical experiences to aspiring young musicians in our community.

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