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Huntsville Community Drumline fosters hope and potential in youth through percussion education and teamwork, to provide a positive path for becoming contributing members of society.

CEO & Founder,

Angela L. Wilson-Walker
Huntsville Community Drumline Founder and CEO, Angela L. Wilson-Walker, is a retired Elementary School teacher who recognized the need for non-academic and non-sports related affordable after school youth programs that are fun, exciting and have far reaching benefits. She founded Huntsville Community Drumline in 2010, and has engaged thousands of young students across the Tennessee Valley in educational music programs.

Lead Percussion Instructor,

Frederick Walker
Frederick is a 2010 Westminster Christian Academy graduate and an Alabama A&M Cum Laude graduate with a BS degree in Music Business and a minor in Performance Music. His 15 years of percussion training began at the age of 4. He is classically trained in piano and also plays the cello. Frederick is self-taught on the acoustic and electric guitar and since 2010, has been responsible for developing the musical skills, mentoring and leadership training of the HCDL students. He ensures the effectiveness of HCDL’s instructional programs, including the Travelling Drums after school project and also training the volunteers. Frederick has been recognized for his outstanding volunteer contribution to the Arts for his work with the youth of HCDL, and was nominated for the Virginia Hammill Simms Award in 2014 for his volunteer work and in 2016 he received the Katherine & Richard Lester “Emerging Arts Contribution Award” sponsored by the Community Ballet. Frederick teaches private lessons, is the pianist for Beans Creek PB Church, and the drummer for the jazz group "DaVybe and The Collection".

Administrative Assistant,

Mrs. Pamela D. Perkins
Mrs. Perkins, a woman who dances to the beat of her own drum, is a retired Elementary School teacher, and former colleague of Angela Walker. Having developed a 25+ year bond with Angela, Pam joined the Huntsville Community Drumline “band” to lend her expertise in Office Organization and Administration. An alumnus of Oakwood College’s (University’s) Education Department, and her 30+ years of teaching and working with children, have given her just the right skill and rhythm for the position she holds at HCDL.

Music Production Instructor,

Criag Stevens
Craig’s story reveals how he, as a young teenager had plenty of ambition but no focus on how to achieve the dream of becoming a professional music producer. After making the realization at the perfect moment, he was able to catapult himself into the mainstream music industry, despite not knowing how the business works. It was only through discovering the “Ah Ha Moment”, that he was able to harness the motivation and ambition to work hard enough to gain admittance into the “Big League”… the music industry. Craig is an example of music as a state of mind and being, as felt by the pounding beats and mesmerizing keys in his tracks. His rare ability to switch genres from Hip Hop to Rock to Pop to R&B has enabled him to have longevity in the business. Throughout his journey, he learned the tricks of the trade and continues to use and build upon that experience today by working with some of the biggest names in the business.

Student Staff

Dominic Cade
Percussion Instructor
Keashon Jones
Percussion Instructor
Kristala Henley
Percussion Instructor
Lamar Knight
Percussion Instructor

Hometown Hero

WAAY 31 news anchor Pat Simon introduces us to this month's Hometown Hero, Angela Walker, and shows us how she's turning a "drumline" into a "lifeline."
Huntsville Community Drumline is an Alabama based 501(c)3 non-profit that provides free music education programming to youth in grades 1-12 and "seasoned" adults.


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