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Hello! We are glad you are here and interested in our little offbeat campaign for Huntsville Community Drumline!

In cooperation with Leadership Greater Huntsville, we (The Offbeats) are a small group of leaders passionate about music and the importance of its presence for our community's children. Together, we are supporting an organization whose mission aligns perfectly with our passion! The Offbeats has locked arms with the Huntsville Community Drumline (HCDL) to promote its mission of fostering hope and potential in youth through percussion education and teamwork, while providing a positive path for them to become contributing members of society.

We've launched a campaign with goals that include facility and equipment upgrades as well as expanding the HCDL’s visibility in the community to ensure it continues on its course of changing the lives of underserved children in Huntsville. Our bet is that the Huntsville community shares our passion, so we’ve put some sponsorships in place to help us reach our goals for the HCDL.

Areas of need where we are focusing our efforts:

Front Entry Awning - Currently there is no awning protecting children and equipment from the weather.
HCDL Street Sign - Provide a new sign outside of the HCDL building to guide patrons and participants to the right place.
Equipment Van - Acquire a new vehicle for HCDL to transport equipment safely and securely, replacing the current 2006 van needing major repairs.
Instruments - Drums take a beating, especially from kids! Replacing the instruments and accessories will keep the music flowing.
General Revitalizing - Areas throughout the building that need a refresh, repair, or more.

How can you help?

Your contributions will go towards supporting the needs below OR a major sponsor can take care of it one "ba dum tss!"

  • Become a Drum Strike: All donations are appreciated no matter how small. It takes a lot of drum strikes to play a song. Help us create the beat, whether it's on or off!
  • Keep the Beat Sponsor ($2,500): Your generous sponsorship will help these drummers to keep the beat!
  • Cymbal Sponsor ($5,000): Make a loud crash and a big impact through this sponsorship level!
  • Roadie Sponsor ($10,000): Help get these drummers on the road through a major gift!

Tax Deductible!

All donations made to Huntsville Community Drumline are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. You will receive an e-mail confirmation immediately after submitting your online donation that includes your receipt and tax information.
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Thank You To All Our Supporters!

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